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Hot summer home selling ideas

If you missed the opportunity to list your home this Spring but still want to sell it, don’t despair.  There is hope.  Use these few tips and make your home into a Summer home fantasy! Mow that lawn! As we all know, grass grows fast in Summer, especially if you are good about watering it.  Therefore, you need to mow it twice a week so that whenever you show it, the grass looks groomed and short.   Make sure that you water trees, shrubs, and flowers well .   Keep all dead blooms picked off.  Even though the temperature is…

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Let’s get that lawn in shape!

We have discussed some things you could do to get your home ready to sell in Spring.  And here it is Spring!  We are hoping that during the long Winter days you have been cleaning, painting, and de-cluttering.  By now,  your home should be  ready to show.  Here are some tips for getting your lawn to look it’s best. What should I do for my lawn ? The grass probably looks a bit thin and sad, it has been dormant all Winter.  Now is the right time to apply pre-emergent weed killer.  It will kill the weeds before they have…

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Spring is here! Get that home sold!

Finally, Spring is here!  If you have made the decision to sell your real estate, we have some tips for you! First tip: use a licensed realtor! Many people try to sell their homes by themselves.  Some are successful.  However, there is a lot more to it than just putting a sign up or posting an ad in the local paper.  Also, it takes time and knowledge to get the best price for your home.  Do you know how to get your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?  Also, how to stage it for best results when showing?  How…

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Does your paint color matter?

Okay, it looks like Spring may finally be on it’s way, time to get your home ready to sell.  Here’s a question; does the outside color that you paint your home influence potential buyers one way or another? The answer is yes! First, there are some colors that just don’t work as exterior home paint colors. Ones that clash with other homes in the neighborhood, for example.  Colors that are extra-bright aren’t usually a good choice.  After all, the buyer will be new to the neighborhood, and probably won’t feel comfortable in the neon yellow home.  Consider colors that reflect…

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The best day of the week to list your home?

   You want to list your home for sale.  Spring is a great time to list it.    What day of the week should you list your home, and does it even matter? Why yes, it does! The day that you list your home does matter, but which day is the best depends on who you  ask.  Here are some of the arguments for and against specific days. Monday is the first day of most people’s work week. People are looking forward and generally thinking about the future and they are planning their week and weekends.  Also it gives agents…

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The best listing agent’s tools

For the last few posts, we have been discussing why you need a listing agent, and what he will do differently from other agents.  We mentioned social media tools, but we really want to dig into this topic, so here we go!  http://chrisclarkpullman.com/blog/2017/02/24/need-listing-agent-part-2/ What do you mean by  social media? We mean the Internet.  You can find anything, buy anything, sell anything, swap or trade anything you can think of.  In addition, these days, people are looking to the Internet for all goods and services that they used to find in more traditional ways.  The phone book, (remember those?),  a…

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List your home part 3

We have been explaining to you why you need to list your home for sale with a listing agent.  We have as already discussed, he will provide a professional home inspection before you list.  Also,he or she will provide you with an Ownership and Encumbrance Report.  This shows any liens or claims against your home.  If you belong to a Homeowner’s Association, your agent should assemble all necessary documents for the sale of your home.  In addition, he will install your ” for sale” sign in a good spot on your property  in a timely manner.http://chrisclarkpullman.com/blog/2017/02/17/why-you-need-a-listing-agent/ What is left? Your…

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Why you need a listing agent

Ok, you have decided to sell your home. Wisely, you have decided to use a licensed Realtor to help you.  What now?  You need a listing agent. Why a listing agent? Marketing homes for sale, and getting them sold is what he does.  Before you offer your home for sale, make any updates or fix any outstanding problems your home may have.  A home inspection done ahead of actual listing will find any potential issues your home may have.  A good listing agent will help you get that home inspection.  And they will make suggestions about repairs or updates that…

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What color will Spring be this year?

Wish your bedroom was some color other than “sunny yellow?  Since Winter seems determined to last forever, why not start on some of those painting projects.  What colors are trending this year?  We can tell you.  Read on. Whites are OUT For some reason, the Behr paint company felt compelled to divide paints into three groups for you to choose from.  These groups are: comfortable, composed, and confident.  What these names have to do with paint colors alludes us, but there you are.  So this year, we will all be painting according to what lifestyle we believe best suits us.…

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Winter bathroom projects

You would like to list your home for sale.  However, it will show it’s best with just a few minor improvements .  Outside jobs are NOT on the list for December, so where else can you start?  The bathroom! Painting! Of course, we all love painting, (or not).  Imagine what potential buyers will think  if you’re tired of the  “pepto pink”  in the guest bathroom.  Now is the time to do those  painting projects that you have been putting off  ” for a rainy day”.  Look outside, it’s snowing! While you are looking at the bathroom, Does your grout look dank and…

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