• March 6, 2016

Selling your Home Secrets!

selling your home

Selling your Home Secrets!

I work with a lot of different people and often get asked if I know any secrets to selling your home.

While PRICING is the most important part of selling your home, there are also several other secrets that will help sell your home!selling your home

1. Clean out your closets! I can promise you buyers looking at your home will be snoopy! Don’t use your closets to hide all of your junk! Buyers have junk too, and will be checking your closets out to see where they will store their junk when they move in! Before selling, clean out the closets and spray them down with Febreeze. It will help their snooping be more pleasant!

2. When you have buyers coming to your home, make sure and turn on all the lights and open the window shades. Everyone loves a fresh smelling home and your buyers aren’t different! Creating an open feel in your home will go a long way in motivating potential buyers.

3. Make sure that all your light bulbs work! We all tend to let lights burn out and it negatively impacts your potential buyers. Don’t be lazy: replace those lights!

4. Hide your pets. Most people love/like/adore animals. We don’t spend 8 billion dollars a year on their care because we hate them! But remember, not EVERYONE loves pets. Your buyers might be turned off when your dog runs up and slobbers on them! Be on the safe side and stash your animals outside. It will increase your chances of selling to non animal lovers.

5. Quick Repairs win the race. You need to make sure all your fixtures work. This doesn’t mean spending thousands buying RE_Dos_Realtor_hor.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960new upgraded fixtures! Just ensure that all your faucets and drains work, fill in any major drywall chips, etc. It will help provide your buyers with more value and it  doesn’t cost a lot!

6. Make YOUR house THEIR House. The less personalized your home is the better. Your buyers really don’t care about your amazing moose mount, or those paintings your kids drew for you! They want to look at your house and imagine THEIR kids paintings! The more things you can remove from your house that define it as yours the better.

Following these simple steps will help set your house up for sale to buyers and will help you get more money. Next week I will follow up with several more tips that should be done by your Realtor! Just remember the original feeling of excitement you have when you moved into your new home and try and recreate that feeling for potential buyers!

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