• April 6, 2016




Welcome to the New Chris Clark Website!

Tons of my buyers and sellers have asked me for a detailed online resource with current information about Pullman Real Estate. I’ve found that truthfully, there isn’t one. When you are looking for information about home buying and selling, there is the typical glut of “real estate for sale” deals, and a billion places to find the MLS. When it comes to brass tacks, we need solid, useful, and current local real estate information.

The Twofold Purpose of Chrisclarkpullman.com

Yes, I do want to inform people about who I am, but I had this website built for more important reasons. We want our clients to have a resource about local real estate that offers current information. Our long term goal is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem of information about our local real estate market. This includes closed deals, tips and tricks, buyer/seller help, and the like. I will also be answering real estate questions bi-weekly or monthly about a hot real estate topic(more info on here). Let’s help our local first time home buyers and out of area folks find a helpful resource for our local market!

The second reason is for efficiency. Many people get frustrated with real estate and Realtors. Without going into the plethora of reasons, I’ve boiled a successful deal down to a simple series of steps called the “List It & Sell It Advantage.” At Windermere, we are starting to create a new “status Quo” for the typical real estate deal. It’s our commitment to better real estate transactions, comprehensive client support, and differentiation from our competitors.. On this website we will define the “List It & Sell It Advantage” and with your help create a better real estate market! In fact, mention it to your realtor! They should adhere to our standard as well!

For the above reasons, we have built chrisclarkpullman.com.

While here you will find:

  1. Practical information about our current real estate market climate.
  2. Resource tools for first time home buyers and sellers.
  3. Best practices for working with lenders in our area.
  4. Direct access to the Brain of Chris Clark – Pullman’s Top Agent.

While there is some “shameless self promotion” on everybody’s websites, I want this site to become much more useful then shameful! Each week I will be writing an original column about Palouse Living, Selling, Buying, or a special Q & A Section (more on this later)! Please feel free to offer any comments or questions you may have, and I look forward to hearing from you each week!

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