• April 23, 2016

The Best Real Estate Market!

The Best Real Estate Market

The Best Real Estate Market!

The Real Estate market is booming!

I have watched our real estate market for years, and I have never seen anything like it! Our current home inventory shortage is giving our local sellers amazing profit potential. Real Estate on the Palouse is very consistent, and all our regional and national indicators point to the next several years of fantastic grown for the market! Locally, we have several factors that are going to contribute to our housing shortage. SEL recently announced a hiring boom. They plan to hire an additional 850 workers in the next few years! In addition to keeping our local property managers busy, it will create more demand for the local homes market. WSU is also planning a hiring spree! Combined with normal growth for a town like Pullman, this will create additional demand for houses. Buyers will be looking to get into starter homes, and upgrading from their existing homes elsewhere depending on their new jobs.

There is a secret to selling successfully.

I’ve been in Real Estate for a long time. I’ve also seen many different Real Estate Market climates. During that time, I have realized one of the most important parts of home listing and selling is planning. Realtors (in general) get paid a lot of money to help you sell your home.images The thought process behind commissions is to create an environment of competition. Yet most realtors don’t actually DO anything unique to help sell your home! With the advent of Zillow, Truila, and other online market places, real estate agents have gotten lazy.
The personal touch and going the extra mile seem really easy when you can pay someone else to do the work! My agents hear about it from me all the time, and it is true: strategic planning sells homes. When I talk with my sellers about their listing, I always have a full marketing strategy to implement. Getting exposure is simply a matter of money, but maximizing profits is an art form. When I list a home, I know (and have proven) that it will sell for the asking price without additional concessions from my sellers. Successful selling doesn’t happen on accident, it is the outcome of the time/effort I put in to market strategy. Whichever real estate agent your working with, they need to keep alert to changes in the market! It directly impacts  YOUR bottom line. Pricing the home wrong, selling to cheaply, not tracking buyer trends, all comes out of the sellers pocket.

Thats you.

You’re paying for expertise with your Real Estate Agent and office. Don’t you want to make sure your working with the best? With our Real Estate Market booming like it is, choose to work with the best in the business.

I’ll be waiting to here from you!

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