• May 20, 2016

Choosing a Great Agent 101.

Choosing a Great Agent

Choosing a Great Agent 101.

The weekly Chris Clark blog has taken a turn towards the advice column.

Choosing a Great AgentI recently started my Q&A on Facebook and have enjoyed the unique questions people continue to ask me. Under the same token I get asked all the time about working with Realtors. We are a unique bunch, and often offer a widely varied skill set. Part of what keeps real estate interesting is the different facets to each “deal.” “No two deals are the same” rings true, especially in our local real estate market. We have such a large blend of buyers, sellers, and investors that it makes each sale very unique. Choosing the right Realtor for each real estate “facet” is key to your real estate experiences and success. I’ve written several posts about asking what Realtors do for you, what makes them different, etc. The researchers out there that read my blog love numbered posts with “DO THIS” commands, but here are intangibles that go into choosing a great agent I wanted to address this week.


It goes without saying: you have to trust your Realtor. It doesn’t matter what side of a transaction you’re on, your Realtor is going to make it happen. Buying or selling a home is not an easy decision!Choosing a Great Agent In this day and age, even car buying has become an “every year” sort of deal. A lot more time, thought, and money goes into real estate purchases. With such an investment, your Realtor should be committed to you by offering trustworthiness and transparency. There are so many concerns within the realm of real estate that knowing someone has your back should be an afterthought. In short, whoever you hire needs to be in your corner looking out for your best interests. You should know they have your back!


Building on trust is reliability/dependability. Once your trust your agent, the relationship needs to build through communication. Being a real estate agent is not a 3 day a week, 20 hour job! I’m constantly in communication with buyers and sellers helping to secure deals. How else are you supposed to know your agent is looking out for you! Being available when it is inconvenient is one of the major separation points for Realtors. You need to identify a Realtor who puts in the time to create your success, and not the other way around. Take it from me: you don’t want to deal with anyone who is unreliable! Especially when its your choice to pick someone in the first place!

Choosing a Great AgentHonesty

Sales/selling/etc. is and always will be a difficult field. Most people (and by most I mean all) hate the feeling of being “sold” something. After my years of real estate, I have worked to develop a balance entirely based on honesty. There are “used car salesman” Realtors out there where the bottom line is the only line. When I give real estate advice, no matter what scenario, I keep to the truth. Buying or selling a home is such a commitment that no one benefits from missing details of the deal. I created the List it & Sell it Advantage to take care of all the holes that can crop up during a real estate deal. “Honesty is the best policy” still rings true!

Good “Feels”

At the end of the day, when the deal is done, everyone should be satisfied. If we (the Realtors) have done our job for you effectively, it doesn’t matter, buyer OR seller, you will be satisfied. You see, working in a small community like Moscow and Pullman word gets around. If that word is satisfied clients, that creates happiness and success for everyone involved. Good business and life is based on the experiences we have working with others. “What goes around comes around” has been true forever, and it won’t be changing any time soon! When you have moved into a new home, relocated, gotten that extra bedroom for the new kid, or moved on in life, I want you to look back and smile. Your Realtor helped find the perfect home. That is what good “feels” are all about: a job well done. Thats why choosing a great agent matters.

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