• June 15, 2016

Chris Clark “Belated” Q&A


Chris Clark “Belated” Q&A

cc websiteHello again! Sorry the Q&A is a bit late. June has been a huge real estate month and we have some exciting news! We recently joined the Lewiston Clarkston Valley MLS, and have opened a workspace in the valley. Its headed up by our newest Realtors Jeff and Michael McGuire! They are a dynamic father-son team, and are dedicated to helping our clients that needed a convenient way to shop in the valley. You can find out more about them at their website!

Now on to the Q&A for this week!

Congratulations to our winners Beth Hatter and Ari Kousbaugh! Please fill out the form at the bottom of the post to get your gift cards!

Submitted by Beth Hatter.

Q: What is the best way to add “curb appeal” – landscaping, etc?Q&A

A: The easiest answer to this question? HGTV! In the past there wasn’t a really good resource for cutting edge “home decor,” leading to many questionable design choices in the homes of yesteryear! These days, home “fashion” is defined by HGTV and their celebrity designers. When it comes to curb appeal, HGTV changes trends and hottest designs yearly and its hard to keep up (clever marketing)! If you are looking for specific design ideas and concepts I would check out their own resource center here.

Submitted by Ari Kousbaugh

Q: Ari Kousbaugh asked: Why is it that I pay 1,000 for rent each month (for the past 5 years), and when I do mortgage calculators, a 150,000 house would be less than I pay for rent, BUT…I don’t qualify for a house in that price range. I’m spinning my wheels here! I just want to own a home before I die. I’m 45 w terminal cancer, so it looks like I never will. Ugh!! I just don’t understand.

A: First, let me say that I am sorry about your cancer. The Team at Windermere has our share of heartache and we feel for you. Keep your chin up! In reference to your question, we absolutely feel the pain! Your position is a difficult one that many Americans face with our current economic climate. Renting has become the norm for so many people that the dream of home ownership is becoming unobtainable! Ari, there is hope! There are many government programs that are designed to help people in your position.

Q&ALenders have recently come under severe scrutiny, and it is not legal to withhold lending from someone with a terminal disease. You can also qualify for several federal programs that can make your down payment much lower. It also decreases the lender’s restrictions on credit score. I work with several lenders that I have a personal relationship with, and would love to find one for you! Part of being involved in our community is helping people in difficult situations like yours! When you fill out the form below, please include your phone number so I can contact you and see if we can’t get you into a home. If you’re going to spin wheels lets do it together!

Thanks again for the responses, and see you all next time!

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