• June 20, 2016

Local Real Estate Offices.

Local Real Estate Offices

Local Real Estate Offices.

Local Real Estate OfficesLocal Real Estate Offices are a common conversation topic in Pullman.

Local real estate offices are a hot conversation topic in Pullman. I get asked all the time about the differences between each office, how the realtors are different, if we focus on different things, etc.

What does make our local real estate offices different? When I did a quick web search, I couldn’t find any real reviews or descriptions for any of our offices! So lets just create one!

Having several different local real estate offices gives buyers and sellers diverse ways to find and sell their homes. While the industry as a whole is the same, each of our offices do run differently and offer unique approaches to real estate transactions. While I am in the Windermere Pullman camp, I will explain some of the major differences between each of our different real estate offices in Pullman!

Windermere Real Estate.Local Real Estate Offices

My Office!

Windermere Pullman specializes in providing comprehensive real estate servicing. We cater to sellers and buyers, as well as real estate investors and property management. Our Realtors run their business independently, but we all work together as a team for support. Our office is like an umbrella: Our agents can always find support with our management team, but they are also independent. We spend a lot of time together attending parties, helping the community, and enjoying what we do rather then treating it like a job. Windermere Pullman is basically a second family, and we like it that way!

Re/max Home and LandLocal Real Estate Offices

Re/max Home and Land is one of the larger offices in Pullman. Re/max agents work as “individual businesses.” This creates a very personal real estate experience with your realtor. Each department handles real estate and property management transactions separately, allowing for a more independent office model. While Re/max advertises nationally, their agents typically focus on their own marketing and you will see several of them out and about! Re/max agents relish their independence and their business model shows it!

Beasley RealtyLocal Real Estate Offices

Beasley Realty has been a community real estate staple for over 40 years! Originally owned by Melinda Beasley, Beasley Realty was purchased by Steve French a few years ago. Steve kept the original “home town” feel of the office, and didn’t make any large changes, keeping the small town feel of the office.

The Beasley team of agents maintain an active online presence led by the Cofers (Justin and Lori). Their office is known for running quick transactions. They focus on volume and efficiency with their real estate style. Their Realtor team packs a punch in our local Pullman Market! If you don’t need the power of a national real estate company, they will be a great fit.

Coldwell Banker TomlinsonLocal Real Estate Offices

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson is the largest office in Pullman. They have a large agent base with many different real estate specialists. Coldwell has been long established in the Washington/Idaho markets for their systematic approach to real estate transactions. Coldwell Banker Tomlinson is an old school established real estate office that has been around for a long time. Chances are when your dad sold his house, it was with a Tomlinson agent and they are still here! Coldwell Agents follow an established system for real estate buyers and sellers, and that formula has worked for a long time!

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