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August 2016


End of August Q&A with Chris Clark!

It has been a crazy summer, and the weather feels right for another Q&A! Our real estate market is hot as ever, and we still get great real estate questions. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question this week! Without further ado, here’s the end of August Q&A! Submitted by David Willoughby. Q: What is the minimum time that has to be spent in a home, before I can use it as an income property? A: What a great question. Many people get confused by the government’s rules for financing and occupancy. Surprisingly, there isn’t a length of time you must live in the…

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Real Estate Investment: Returns

Real Estate Investment: Returns Q: Can we know our normal rate or returns? First of all, thank you so much for the great response I’ve had to my investment advice columns! Seeing so many people take advantage of my content makes me want to write even more! Im working on some great stuff write now, join my mailing list to keep up! I get asked about real estate risk and returns all the time! I don’t want to venture off into the woods about risk TOO far, but these questions are worth answering! The most important factor in returns is our local real estate…

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Real Estate Investing: Preparation

One of the most important steps in real estate investing is preparation. Before approaching the market, there are several things you will want to make sure and cover. Meet with your Accountant or CPA. Your accountant will have your best interests in mind, and have access to your portfolio. With your accountant you can discuss the long term benefits and effects of real estate depreciation, principle reduction and increases in value to to appreciation. They will also help your real estate investments balance with your other portfolio items. Your accountant will be a great asset to your real estate investment preparation! Read a…

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Summer is almost over

Summer is almost over Q&A!

Summer is almost over so its time for another Q&A! August has already snuck up the Palouse! If you still have plans for fun summer activities, make sure you get to them! The real estate market is still super hot in Pullman and Moscow, but we should cool off in the next few months. Now that Summer is almost over lets get to the Q&A! Submitted By Brenda Allen. Q: What is the average interest rate for a mortgage? A: There are many factors that impact interest rates for mortgages. We will just cover a few! One of the largest interest rate…

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