• November 1, 2016

Chris Clark Q&A: Its getting cold!


Chris Clark Q&A: Its getting cold!

BRRRRRRRRR. The weather has really taken a temperature dip, and its getting cold! What better way then to warm up with some free coffee? Sorry for the delay since our last FAQ, but the real estate market has been keeping me warm! Now to the questions!

Submitted by Cj. Robert.

its getting coldQ: Is staging your house when you put it up for sale worth the money?

A: As much as I hate to say it, it depends! Lets start with the easy answer! On an upscale, more expensive home, a staging adds great value. In the upper ends of our market there is different types of competition then for a normal home. Staging (and professional photos) help differentiate your home, and could make the difference to a buyer who is looking to purchase. Where it gets a bit more hazy is for mid priced houses. Typically, a well priced Pullman home won’t be on the market for more then 60 days, and it isn’t worth the additional cost of staging. The buyers will purchase your home because it is in their budget, and not too expensive. While staging adds a really nice quality to the photos and showings, it won’t influence a buyer in our hot market mid-priced homes. Thanks for the question!

Submitted by JoAnna Carlson.

Q: What time of year is the worst time to try and sell your home?

A: A Bit of a loaded question! There is a legitimate answer! During the holiday season. While its getting cold and people start to slow down on buying real estate, it still happens up until the holiday weeks! Real estate typically doesn’t sell the ten days leading up to Christmas. When looking to sell your home, no matter what time of year, it needs to be the perfect time for YOU to sell. As your Realtor, I will price your home right, regardless of the season, and we will move your home promptly. Its the Chris Clark Advantage!

Submitted by Meg Gallagher.

its getting coldQ: What is the best investment when your primary home is almost paid off? Purchasing a rental property? Buying a fixer-upper then putting it on the market?

A: Great question! As a real estate investor, I get asked this question a lot! The answer depends on your time frame. Long term, the rental property is absolutely the way to go. Currently, with the Wall Street Casino taking people’s hard earned cash, there isn’t a better investment then rental property. Especially in a market like Pullman, a rental property will provide growing stable income for years to come. On the note of Pullman: our market makes flipping homes almost impossible. There are a few ways around this problem! Sweat equity always has real monetary value when working on a home you will sell. Less contractor work means more money in your pocket! You can also potentially flip a home if you are a contractor. Doing the work yourself immediately allows you to save thousands of dollars in remodels. Either way, the rental is the way to go!

Thanks for the questions! I always look forward to hearing the FAQ questions of Pullman!

-Chris Clark




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