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January 2017

Winter bathroom projects

You would like to list your home for sale.  However, it will show it’s best with just a few minor improvements .  Outside jobs are NOT on the list for December, so where else can you start?  The bathroom! Painting! Of course, we all love painting, (or not).  Imagine what potential buyers will think  if you’re tired of the  “pepto pink”  in the guest bathroom.  Now is the time to do those  painting projects that you have been putting off  ” for a rainy day”.  Look outside, it’s snowing! While you are looking at the bathroom, Does your grout look dank and…

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Snow, freezing rain, graupel?

All snow isn’t snow That’s right, snow can be snow, sleet, graupel, or freezing rain.  What is the difference?  Glad you asked.  We can tell you. As snow crystals fall through freezing cloud droplets, they form graupel.  The cloud droplets remain liquid.  Who knows why they remain liquid, however, they do.  As the graupel falls through the droplets, the droplets  grab onto the graupel and become a lumpy mess, or graupel.  Sleet and freezing rain are related to each other but different from each other.  And they are not snow or graupel.   Sleet and freezing rain start out frozen,…

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Keep your home snow and ice safe

Tip one: ice dams Ever hear of  an ice dam?  Well, it turns out that ice forms on the roof  under the shingles when warm air from your nice cozy warm home melts snow on your roof.And if it can’t find anywhere to go and it freezes at night, it forms ice dams.  These ice dams expand over time and are liable to push up under your shingles and cause them to leak.  Oh No, you say?  Well, you can prevent ice dams if you insulate the floor in the attic. And, it will help to prevent all that nice…

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