• January 13, 2017

Keep your home snow and ice safe

Keep your home snow and ice safe

images-8Tip one: ice dams

Ever hear of  an ice dam?  Well, it turns out that ice forms on the roof  under the shingles when warm air from your nice cozy warm home melts snow on your roof.And if it can’t find anywhere to go and it freezes at night, it forms ice dams.  These ice dams expand over time and are liable to push up under your shingles and cause them to leak.  Oh No, you say?  Well, you can prevent ice dams if you insulate the floor in the attic. And, it will help to prevent all that nice warm air from inside from escaping and melting the snow on the roof.  Also,  it will help the ice dam problem if you keep your gutters clean and debris and snow-free.

Tip two; snow removal on the roof

Did you know that a build-up of just two feet of snow on your roof can weigh up to 38,000 pounds, or 19 tons?  That’s a lot.  You can buy a roof rake which has an extendable handle to rake it off the roof. Therefore, you save yourself the potential danger of tumbling off your roof while sweeping with the wife’s kitchen broom.

Tip three;  on your decks

What about those decks?  All Spring and Summer, we enjoy our decks, but during Winter, they accumulate snow.  If we have a thaw, they can become slippery ice skating rinks, very dangerous.  Also, snow weighs the same on the roof or on the deck, and all that weight can damage the decking, even causing breakage. Therefore, remember to clean off the decks and don’t wait for all that snow to melt off in Spring.  If you tackle the deck job a little bit at a time, you can get it cleaned off and keep it manageable.  Wait, and it   hard,  frozen, packed down and heavy.  However, Winter won’t last forever, we have already passed the half-way mark, so keep shoveling and dreaming of warmer weather!







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