• January 27, 2017

Winter bathroom projects

Winter bathroom projects

images-4You would like to list your home for sale.  However, it will show it’s best with just a few minor improvements .  Outside jobs are NOT on the list for December, so where else can you start?  The bathroom!


Of course, we all love painting, (or not).  Imagine what potential buyers will think  if you’re tired of the  “pepto pink”  in the guest bathroom.  Now is the time to do those  painting projects that you have been putting off  ” for a rainy day”.  Look outside, it’s snowing!

While you are looking at the bathroom,

Does your grout look dank and moldy?  Make  needed repairs to bring it up to the spa-like experience it could to be since you are already in there to paint.  Change out that tired old sink or toilet, maybe install an updated light fixture or replace your dated mirror or medicine cabinet. if you need inspiration, look at some of the home improvement web sights.   The bathroom is a real money maker, and if your bathroom is clean and fresh, it will surely add value to your home.  And, you will enjoy using your  nice new bathroom in the meantime.

Loose that old shower curtain!

Now is the perfect time to get rid of that old dated shower curtain.  Tropical fish may have been all the rage in your home ten years ago, but they really don’t say “upscale” like something more neutral will.  Shower curtains aren’t expensive, and a new curtain can change the feel of the whole room.  Add some new towels in colors to complement your new paint and shower curtain, and you will have a fresh new feel in no time!  It’s amazing what these few small changes can do to the look of your bathroom.  Cheers!


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