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February 2017

Why you need a listing agent part 2

Here comes Spring, and you are finally ready to list your home for sale.  We have determined that you need to use a listing agent for the best results.  We talked about having a professional home inspection, and verifying your title to the property. What else will my listing agent do? before your escrow closes, you will need additional documents filled out and assembled if you are member of a Homeowner’s Association. This is a job that your listing agent should do for you.  He or she will know what information is needed and where to find it.  There are…

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Why you need a listing agent

Ok, you have decided to sell your home. Wisely, you have decided to use a licensed Realtor to help you.  What now?  You need a listing agent. Why a listing agent? Marketing homes for sale, and getting them sold is what he does.  Before you offer your home for sale, make any updates or fix any outstanding problems your home may have.  A home inspection done ahead of actual listing will find any potential issues your home may have.  A good listing agent will help you get that home inspection.  And they will make suggestions about repairs or updates that…

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What color will Spring be this year?

Wish your bedroom was some color other than “sunny yellow?  Since Winter seems determined to last forever, why not start on some of those painting projects.  What colors are trending this year?  We can tell you.  Read on. Whites are OUT For some reason, the Behr paint company felt compelled to divide paints into three groups for you to choose from.  These groups are: comfortable, composed, and confident.  What these names have to do with paint colors alludes us, but there you are.  So this year, we will all be painting according to what lifestyle we believe best suits us.…

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Add a little Spring to your home

The holidays are over, here we are at the start of a new year.  However, it’s still Winter, the skies are gray and the temperature is low.  How do we bring some cheer and Spring into our homes without spending a fortune?  Here are three tips. First, how about  Spring color? Remember that just a few  months ago we were surrounded by color.   The  holidays came and we could decorate to our heart’s content.   Red, green, blue, all our favorite holiday colors anywhere we wanted them.  Why not continue your colorful ways now, when it is cold and…

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