• February 3, 2017

Add a little Spring to your home

Add a little Spring to your home

plantThe holidays are over, here we are at the start of a new year.  However, it’s still Winter, the skies are gray and the temperature is low.  How do we bring some cheer and Spring into our homes without spending a fortune?  Here are three tips.

First, how about  Spring color?

Remember that just a few  months ago we were surrounded by color.   The  holidays came and we could decorate to our heart’s content.   Red, green, blue, all our favorite holiday colors anywhere we wanted them.  Why not continue your colorful ways now, when it is cold and drab outside and the landscape is monochromatic.  Throw Pillows! Pillows are  easy to find and inexpensive to purchase.  Some bright, cheery pillows might be just what you  need to brighten up your home and your mood!  Choose your favorite Springtime colors, and go wild!

Second, how about some fresh plants?

We do not mean those Poinsettias that have seen much better days unless you remembered to water them faithfully.  We mean some nice fresh new color for your collection. It is amazing how much some fresh plants can do to brighten your attitude.  Also, plants are a great way to freshen the air.  They  “breathe in” carbon dioxide from the air which is harmful to us, and they “breathe out” oxygen, good for us.  Just put watering your new plants on your weekly schedule, and enjoy.

Third, some Springy art on the wall

We seem to keep the same art on the wall year in and year out, however, you can change your whole indoor aspect simply by changing out your artwork.  We have collected lots of photos, posters, and prints and painting over the years, why not change some of them out now and then?  A few well-placed bright pictures or some photos from our favorite vacation spot can do wonders to change our indoor view.  And, we probably have plenty of art that is not currently being displayed in our homes.   Try moving your art around in your home to change the vibe and feeling of a room.

In conclusion, Spring will come eventually, never fear, and we hope you will try our tips to cheer-up your home until then!

Hope this helps!




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