• February 10, 2017

What color will Spring be this year?

What color will Spring be this year?

behr trends2Wish your bedroom was some color other than “sunny yellow?  Since Winter seems determined to last forever, why not start on some of those painting projects.  What colors are trending this year?  We can tell you.  Read on.

Whites are OUT

For some reason, the Behr paint company felt compelled to divide paints into three groups for you to choose from.  These groups are: comfortable, composed, and confident.  What these names have to do with paint colors alludes us, but there you are.  So this year, we will all be painting according to what lifestyle we believe best suits us.  Ok.  On we go.


The comfortable palette includes a soft gray, a soft brown, a mild peach, a blush pink, a nearly sky blue, soft gold, and a light moss green.  Do these make you feel comfortable?  If these descriptions don’t make you feel like going out to buy paint, perhaps the names will?  Close knit, Peek a blue, Gold hearted, life’s a peach, Sepia filter, Life is rosy, and Balanced.  Got your paint brush ready?


The composed color palette features such tempting names as Polished Aqua, Wanderlust, Laid Back Gray, In the Woods, Shades on, and Artful Magenta.  The colors range from aqua and light gray to a light forest green, teal, dark pink, and a dark sand color.  Anything yet?  Remember, this is what the experts are suggesting.


These include: Jade Dragon, Hot and Spicy, That’s my Lime, Fired Up, Midnight Show, and Lemon Burst.  This group includes much darker colors, and as their names may or may not imply, they are COLOR.  A brick red, an orange, dark blue, true jade green.  We think a person would need to feel confident just to consider these colors, however, the experts should know best.

In conclusion

The experts are predicting that these colors will be “hot” this year, but remember, if we don’t buy them, they won’t be so hot, so choose colors that you can love for years to come.


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