• February 17, 2017

Why you need a listing agent

Why you need a listing agent

home1Ok, you have decided to sell your home. Wisely, you have decided to use a licensed Realtor to help you.  What now?  You need a listing agent.

Why a listing agent?

Marketing homes for sale, and getting them sold is what he does.  Before you offer your home for sale, make any updates or fix any outstanding problems your home may have.  A home inspection done ahead of actual listing will find any potential issues your home may have.  A good listing agent will help you get that home inspection.  And they will make suggestions about repairs or updates that will bring the best return.  And, he will help you establish a price that reflects anything that you do not choose to address.  Also, the impact that choice will have on the final sale price of the home.

What else will my listing agent do?

If you choose the right listing agent, he will provide you and potential buyers with an “Ownership and Encumbrance Report”.  The report verifies your title to the property.  This will make the actual escrow process much easier. Furthermore, there are any questions about your title or information on the document,  you and your agent will be able to do whatever is necessary to clear the title so that when your home sells, the transaction will go smoothly.

In conclusion, you want the sale of your home to go quickly and easily, which is why you decided to use a licensed Realtor.  Your agent will  help you get your home ready, repaired, and sold.  He or she can help you make your home show and look it’s best,  sell quickly, and bring you the best possible price.  Go with an experienced knowledgable professional Realtor who is a listing agent, follow his or her advise, and you will be successful in selling your home.


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