• February 24, 2017

Why you need a listing agent part 2

Why you need a listing agent part 2

soldHere comes Spring, and you are finally ready to list your home for sale.  We have determined that you need to use a listing agent for the best results.  We talked about having a professional home inspection, and verifying your title to the property.

What else will my listing agent do?

before your escrow closes, you will need additional documents filled out and assembled if you are member of a Homeowner’s Association. This is a job that your listing agent should do for you.  He or she will know what information is needed and where to find it.  There are so many things that need to be done when you sell your home!  This is one of the things that you can delegate to a professional listing agent.

What else?

In addition to getting you a professional home inspection, verifying your title to the property, and helping with the Homeowner’s Association documents, your agent should be able to provide a professional photography package which  will help with the advertising and sale of your home.  Professional photos of your home can make all the difference in marketing your property.  There is much more to  ” putting your best foot forward” in regard to your home than just snapping a few casual exterior and interior photos of your home and calling it  good.  Lighting as well as angle of the picture can make your rooms look bright and airy or dark and small.  Unless you are a professional yourself, it pays in sale price to have experts preparing your marketing tools.  Your listing agent knows who to use to maximize your home’s best features.

Ok, anything else?

Don’t laugh, but not all agents install the “for sale” sign on your property in a prompt manner or in a good place, where it is easy to see.  Make sure that your agent is doing all he or she can to maximize your home’s exposure!

In conclusion, you want to do everything you can to get the best price for your home in the shortest amount of time, and if you hire the right listing agent, you will.



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