• March 3, 2017

List your home part 3

List your home part 3

soldWe have been explaining to you why you need to list your home for sale with a listing agent.  We have as already discussed, he will provide a professional home inspection before you list.  Also,he or she will provide you with an Ownership and Encumbrance Report.  This shows any liens or claims against your home.  If you belong to a Homeowner’s Association, your agent should assemble all necessary documents for the sale of your home.  In addition, he will install your ” for sale” sign in a good spot on your property  in a timely manner.https://chrisclarkpullman.com/blog/2017/02/17/why-you-need-a-listing-agent/

What is left?

Your listing agent should send ” just listed” postcards to surrounding homes which serves many purposes.  By letting the neighborhood know of your intention to sell your property, it gives them a chance to tell friends.  Many times, neighbors know of people who wish to move into the neighborhood.   Also,  in case the neighbors were considering selling their home, it gives them current information on the value of homes in their area.  As well as what comparable homes are selling for.  When your home sells quickly, it also gives them the name of an agent who can get the most money for their home.

Who should you list your home with?

In conclusion, there are many real estate agents in every area from which to choose.  All agents, however, are NOT created equal.  Many agents don’t know the best marketing strategies to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.  Some do not know how to utilize social media, which has become a vital marketing and sales tool in the real estate industry.  Some just expect to sit by their phones and have buyers call them after seeing the for sale sign in the yard.  The listing agent you want is the one who knows all the best resources at his disposal and how to use them to get the results you want!


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