• March 17, 2017

The best day of the week to list your home?

The best day of the week to list your home?


thu You want to list your home for sale.  Spring is a great time to list it.    What day of the week should you list your home, and does it even matter?

Why yes, it does!

The day that you list your home does matter, but which day is the best depends on who you  ask.  Here are some of the arguments for and against specific days.

Monday is the first day of most people’s work week. People are looking forward and generally thinking about the future and they are planning their week and weekends.  Also it gives agents time to make appointments to show the home the following weekend.  However, Mondays are not so good because potential buyers are concentrating on getting back into their work routine and national holidays often fall on Mondays.

Do you list on a Wednesday?

Don’t even mention Tuesdays as a good day t o list your home.   Wednesday is out  because it is midway through the week.  In addition, it is hump day.  Seriously.

What about a weekend day?

Friday?  People like to plan their weekends at least one week ahead.  That means that if they want to tour your home, they will probably want to plan the tour before Friday.  Saturday? Two words: open house.  Most open houses are planned for Saturdays.  You want to give potential buyers some advance notice.  Sunday?  Sundays are typically the WORST days to list your home for sale. People are focused on the work week ahead.

What day is left?

That leaves our winner, Thursday!  According to our sources, Thursday is the perfect day to list your home.  Their reasoning is that your listing will show up on the MLS (multiple listing service) bright and early Friday morning.  That gives brokers time to make inquires about your home prior to the weekend and give them time to make plans to attend any open houses you may have planned.

In conclusion, the best day to list your home is the day you and your listing agent decide works best for you .

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