• March 24, 2017

Does your paint color matter?

Does your paint color matter?

crazy2Okay, it looks like Spring may finally be on it’s way, time to get your home ready to sell.  Here’s a question; does the outside color that you paint your home influence potential buyers one way or another?

The answer is yes!

First, there are some colors that just don’t work as exterior home paint colors. Ones that clash with other homes in the neighborhood, for example.  Colors that are extra-bright aren’t usually a good choice.  After all, the buyer will be new to the neighborhood, and probably won’t feel comfortable in the neon yellow home.  Consider colors that reflect the earth-tones that you used in your interior space.  Second, if you live in a home which features brick or stonework, it is a good idea to consider an exterior paint that harmonizes with those features you wish to highlight.  Third, consider the architectural style of your home.  Cornflower blue probably isn’t the best color for a mid-century modern home, however, it is perfect for a cottage feel home.  Think about what your home is “saying” and try to choose an exterior color that agrees with it.

The neutral paint colors rule

The top five colors for exterior house paint are: white or off white, blue-gray, yellow, and green.  However, green is the most challenging color the colors listed above because choosing a good green that doesn’t evoke unpleasant things isn’t always the easiest choice to make.  It is a good idea to choose a color which will look good with whatever trim color you have in mind.  Remember, you don’t have to love the colors, you are trying to attract buyers, so use colors that people like and that harmonize with each other and the neighborhood. What about the landscape?If you have lots of mature tall trees, be mindful of the shade they generate, and pick your color accordingly.  Light paint will offset the potential for the home to look dark.

In conclusion, choose your exterior paint color with an eye to your buyer.

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