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April 2017

It’s the Faire! Come one, come all!

It’s that time of year again.  The flowers and trees are blooming, the grass is getting green, and the annual Renaissance Faire is almost here!  The fun starts Saturday May 6th and runs through Sunday May 7th.  East City park, here in Moscow is where all the festivities  commence. Why was that period called the Renaissance? The term renaissance means literally. “rebirth”.  It signaled the end of the Middle Ages, and the beginning of a huge cultural and intellectual shift.   The renaissance had a profound and lasting impact on modern thought as well as culture.   Not only did it…

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Let’s get that lawn in shape!

We have discussed some things you could do to get your home ready to sell in Spring.  And here it is Spring!  We are hoping that during the long Winter days you have been cleaning, painting, and de-cluttering.  By now,  your home should be  ready to show.  Here are some tips for getting your lawn to look it’s best. What should I do for my lawn ? The grass probably looks a bit thin and sad, it has been dormant all Winter.  Now is the right time to apply pre-emergent weed killer.  It will kill the weeds before they have…

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Easter and the vernal equinox

What is an equinox  and what does it have to do with Easter? Unlike other famous holidays, Easter doesn’t fall on the same date each year. It’s date is calculated. It falls on the first Sunday after the full moon after about March 21, the vernal equinox. Confused? Don’t be.  The vernal equinox, is the day that day and night are about the same length of time. The equinox happens twice a year, the vernal and the autumnal . Usually around March 23 and September 23. The sun is directly overhead in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Wow, who…

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Is a tiny house right for you?

The tiny home movement is really taking off everywhere, but is a tiny house the right answer for you? What constitutes a tiny house? A tiny house can be  built on a foundation, or set on axles and be moveable.  It can be made from anything!   A cargo container, a trailer, a yurt, a boat or a railroad car.  The possibilities are endless.   However, are you sure you want to reduce your living space to 400 square feet or less? If you are in any doubt, perhaps you could try living in your child’s playhouse for a couple…

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