• April 7, 2017

Is a tiny house right for you?

Is a tiny house right for you?

hThe tiny home movement is really taking off everywhere, but is a tiny house the right answer for you?

What constitutes a tiny house?

A tiny house can be  built on a foundation, or set on axles and be moveable.  It can be made from anything!   A cargo container, a trailer, a yurt, a boat or a railroad car.  The possibilities are endless.   However, are you sure you want to reduce your living space to 400 square feet or less? If you are in any doubt, perhaps you could try living in your child’s playhouse for a couple of weeks?  Or maybe a tent in the backyard?

How much space do I really want?

That is an interesting question.  When you think of a place to call home, typically, you are envisioning a few bedrooms, a bathroom or two, kitchen, family room, laundry.  However, if you choose a tiny house, you get all of those things in one space about the size of an average living room in a conventional sized home.  You may get a couple of sleeping spaces, but almost never more than one bathroom.  The kitchen which is the heart of most homes may or may not have a sink, stove, oven, or dishwasher.

You will however, have lots of creative use of space, what there is of it!  Stairs to the loft double as storage closets for your shoes or extra blankets.  Your dining table can double as your guest bed.  Your whole bathroom may need to fit into your shower.  Then again, your shower may be outside the tiny house.  The possibilities are limitless, but, sadly, the space isn’t.  But, if tiny house living is your dream, don’t give up!   You can try out the tiny lifestyle by renting one for a weekend, week, or more.  Go on, give tiny living a try!



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