• April 21, 2017

Let’s get that lawn in shape!

Let’s get that lawn in shape!

grassWe have discussed some things you could do to get your home ready to sell in Spring.  And here it is Spring!  We are hoping that during the long Winter days you have been cleaning, painting, and de-cluttering.  By now,  your home should be  ready to show.  Here are some tips for getting your lawn to look it’s best.

What should I do for my lawn ?

The grass probably looks a bit thin and sad, it has been dormant all Winter.  Now is the right time to apply pre-emergent weed killer.  It will kill the weeds before they have a chance to germinate.  If you recognize Forsythia, the bright yellow flowering bush, you will apply your pre-emergent just after it is finished blooming.  This should last about three months.


If you are more concerned with filling in bare spots in your lawn, you will probably prefer to concentrate on planting grass seed which means no weed killing pre-emergent.  You cannot do both, so determine which is more urgent, and go with that.  You can plant your grass seed when the air temperature reaches the 60’s.  Fall is a better time to plant if you have large areas to re-seed, however, for filling the occasional bare spot, you can plant now, plan to keep your new grass well-watered over the Summer.

What about fertilizer?

If you feel compelled to fertilize now, please use a slow-release product, and be sparing with it.  You can feed your lawn again later in Summer and it will thank you for being gentle with it this early.  Resist the temptation to feed it heavily, it needs a chance to get a good start before it gets a hefty dose of food.  Fertilizing too much too early makes the grass grow quickly but it will not be hardy enough to withstand the Summer heat.  If you follow these tips, your lawn will look amazing in no time!

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