• April 28, 2017

It’s the Faire! Come one, come all!

It’s the Faire! Come one, come all!

faireIt’s that time of year again.  The flowers and trees are blooming, the grass is getting green, and the annual Renaissance Faire is almost here!  The fun starts Saturday May 6th and runs through Sunday May 7th.  East City park, here in Moscow is where all the festivities  commence.

Why was that period called the Renaissance?

The term renaissance means literally. “rebirth”.  It signaled the end of the Middle Ages, and the beginning of a huge cultural and intellectual shift.   The renaissance had a profound and lasting impact on modern thought as well as culture.   Not only did it affect current thought, but it ushered in a time of exploration of other previously undiscovered whole continents, and the invention of such valuable items as gun powder, paper, and the seaman’s compass.   Elizabeth 1 began her reign in 1533.  The beginning of her reign was also the beginning of the renaissance according to historians.   But enough about history,  here’s the information on Moscow’s Renaissance Faire.

Moscow’s Renaissance Faire

This is the 44th annual celebration, and it will be a dandy!  Featuring period dress (if you like to dress up) or even if you don’t!  As well,  there will be  food, and beverages of the period.  There will probably be lots  of new food you have never tried before.   As well as favorites like smoked whole turkey legs.   Also, there will be music, hand-crafted items and games and entertainments from that time period.  You may see jugglers, magicians, and minstrels or try your hand at games from the dawning of modern thought!  It is also a celebration of Spring here in Moscow. Best of all, admission is free!  If you like strolling through history, you will love the Renaissance Faire!

In addition to the food and craft booths, there will be parades, Maypole dances, and live performances on the stage throughout the two days.  Guaranteed fun for adults and children alike.

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