• May 12, 2017

You sold the farm! Start packing it!

You sold the farm! Start packing it!

movingYou followed our advice.   Cleaned, de-cluttered and painted your house .  And you worked while it was cold and miserable outside. And your house sold.  Congratulations!   Now what?  Packing, of course!

Most of us have moved at least a few times in our lives, and the basics never change.  Moving boxes, packing tape, packing materials such as bubble wrap and newspaper, a  marker to mark the boxes.    As you gaze about you at all your possessions, do not be dismayed!   This can be conquered!

Let’s get packing!

First, assess your belongings, and decide which things you can live without easily and pack them.   Things like books, CDs, pictures on the walls. Pack any clothing that you are not planning on wearing again until next Fall .    Pack things  that are decorative but do not perform a necessary function.  When that is done, your remaining treasures should look a little less daunting. No?  Well, keep packing!  Pack the Costco-sized portions of paper goods, the guest bathroom towels, extra warm blankets that you will not need right away.  By now, you should be down to a much smaller mound of belongings.

The dreaded  “Last Box”

If you have continued to follow our advice and been diligently packing your belongings according to how much or how little you use them, we hope that you only have to decide how much clothing to either pack in a suitcase or leave out for the time that you will be unpacking.  Perhaps some food and paper goods such as paper plates, cups, and plastic silverware.  Remember toiletries, laundry products and cleaning supplies as well as anything else that you need on a daily basis.  All else must find itself in a box!

By now, you are ready to move!  Everything  leftover  goes in the “last ‘”box”.   All of your belongings  safely packaged for transport.   Right?  right!  Good job!

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