• May 19, 2017

The move is done, now unpack!

The move is done, now unpack!

moveYou packed all your earthly possessions  into boxes.  They arrived at their destination. You have accomplished the move!  So far, so good!  Now, you face the daunting task of unpacking those boxes you spent so much effort  packing only days ago!

So the move is over, I must unpack!

Of course, in a perfect move, you  have only those possessions that will comfortably fit into your new abode.  However, few of us plan that well.  You probably painstakingly packed MANY things that you won’t want need or want during your packing frenzy.  Do not be dismayed!  We all have things that we cannot use after a move.   Just breathe, and make more piles.  One for discard, one for donation, and one for sale.  The best place to start to unpack is in the kitchen.  It is the heart of the home,  where cooking and eating usually take place.  It is a good idea to locate at least some of your cookware and dishes so that life will continue while you are finding those exotic spices that you so carefully packed and have treasured!

What’s next?

Once you have brought some sort of order to your kitchen, or at least found enough food and materials to cook and eat with, the bathroom is always a good next step.  Hopefully, your furniture has arrived, so bed and bedding as well as seating and such are at least accessible, so it is a good idea to make sure that you are able to take shower and brush your teeth.  We have found that once we have taken a good, hot shower, the whole unpacking job seems much less daunting!

A good, warm, home-cooked meal, a shower, and some clean clothes will restore your faith that you have indeed made a good decision, and that you will live through your move!

Happy unpacking!

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