• May 26, 2017

Too late to plant your garden?

Too late to plant your garden?

gardenNever!  Our favorite “experts” believe that we have missed the boat with planting vegetables for this Summer’s harvest.  Don’t give up!  Any visit to the local big box store or nursery will show you.  You can find LOTS of plants out there to be planted in your garden. On we go!

What do I do?

The experts are right about one thing.  It is too late to plant seeds  and expect them to produce fruit  (or vegetables)  by this Summer.   However, vegetable plants  are growing happily in their small pots at most retail outlets.  Look for those!  They are what you should buy.  Home Depot and Walmart are  just two examples, there are many others.  Also, around Mother’s Day every year, stores that you would not expect to sell plants often do.  By this week, if the plants are still alive, they will be heavily discounted.  Perfect for us budget-conscious shoppers!  Or, your local nursery will probably have an abundant supply of vegetable starts for you to bring home.

What garden?

Pretend that you are transplanting those plants that you so painstakingly started in tiny pots in your home back in March.  Prepare your soil, and plant those vegetables!  If you don’t tell anyone, how will they know that you got such a late start?  And, best of all, unless you live in the higher elevations, you will probably get away with it!  For those of you above the snow line, you had better pick the biggest plants that you can find, and give them extra love and keep them warm!  Plants such as tomatoes and peppers like hot weather. Unless the ones you find are  big and growing really well, they may be a lost cause .  However, plants such as lettuce, celery, and spinach, which don’t mind colder temperatures should be fine to plant directly into your garden beds.  Good luck!

Chris Clark Pullman

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