• June 2, 2017

Rosalia Battle days! This weekend!

Rosalia Battle days! This weekend!

battleAt last, we are  headed into Summer!   Following the Winter that lasted FOREVER.  And are we glad!  Say  ” Bye-bye” to cold, “hello” warm weather, sun, camping, fishing, floating the river, and of course, Rosalia Battle Days!


That’s right,  Rosalia Battle Days!  Actually, the celebration is this weekend!  From 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM.  Ok, so what are we going to see?  A parade, of course!  And, a fun run, a rodeo, and a dance!   Also, there will be food.  What more could we ask for?

What was the Battle about?

Turns out, Rosalia is the site of a battle between the local Native tribes and Colonel Edward Steptoe.  There had been turmoil in the area since 1855 when  conflict broke out  first along the Puget Sound between US troops and the locals.

The conflict spread East, involving tribes in this area.  However, things had calmed down, and in 1858, Colonel Steptoe took a small lightly armed force through the Rosalia area.  Big mistake.  Referred to as the battle of Tohotonimme,  it was a resounding trashing by the natives of the US forces.  The end result was the eventual subduing of the natives, however, this time they won. The tragedy about this conflict was that the local Indians had enjoyed good relations with the troops and settlers.  The Nez Perce tribe were responsible for saving the Lewis Clark Expedition.

The town established this event back in 1970 because  a new highway was constructed that bypassed the town. The celebration was founded as a way to generate revenue, and to bring tourists to the area.  It was originally imagined by the Odd Fellows.  Other groups now sponsor it as well.  These groups include; the Lion’s Club, the Rosalia Chamber of Commerce, and the Battle Days committee.

In conclusion, if you and the family are looking for some fun this weekend, check this out!

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