• June 16, 2017

Father’s Day is Here! June 16th!

Father’s Day is Here! June 16th!

dad1It’s June, and here comes Father’s Day again!  This is a day to  honor our fathers.  The day that we have a barbecue in the yard or at the lake or campground, or maybe we take the old man golfing.

How did Father’s Day start?

Good question!  There are different answers, and we have  some of them here for you.  These are the most popular three.

First, to honor a mine disaster in West Virginia?

You read that right.  In June 1908, a woman named Grace Golden Clayton, had the idea of honoring the 361 or 362 men, ( depending on who you read), who died in a mining disaster.  Therefore, she consulted with the pastor at the local Methodist church.   As a result of their meeting,  they did indeed set aside a day of remembrance for the lost miners.

Second, it started in Spokane?

Again, you have read that right!  Furthermore, people believe another woman  instigated  the first Father’s Day. Her name was Sonora Smart Dodd.  She got the idea for a Father’s Day from listening to a sermon on Mother’s Day.  She felt i spired by the sermon and wanted to honor her father.  Her father was a civil war veteran who raised his six children alone.  His wife had died in childbirth delivering their sixth child. Sonora’s father did such a good job that his daughter wanted to honor him.

We even found an account that told us that these two Father’s Day celebrations happened in the same year, different months.  What is true?  Take your choice.

Third, ancient Babyon?

In addition, while researching this topic, we found an account that was documented by scholars.   A young boy named Elmesu wrote wishes of good health and a long life to his father.  Elmesu wrote these sentiments on a clay tablet. There is no record of what happened to either Elmesu or his father .

In conclusion, no matter how or when it started, let’s celebrate Dad this Sunday!

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