• July 7, 2017

Hot summer home selling ideas

Hot summer home selling ideas

aIf you missed the opportunity to list your home this Spring but still want to sell it, don’t despair.  There is hope.  Use these few tips and make your home into a Summer home fantasy!

Mow that lawn!

As we all know, grass grows fast in Summer, especially if you are good about watering it.  Therefore, you need to mow it twice a week so that whenever you show it, the grass looks groomed and short.   Make sure that you water trees, shrubs, and flowers well .   Keep all dead blooms picked off.  Even though the temperature is soaring, the vegetation in your yard needs to be green and well watered.

Be ready to have your house shown!

You need to remember that in Summer, people are going on vacation, their children are out of school and need attention, workloads are increased.  Whatever the reason, your prospective buyers may need to view your home “after hours”.  Be flexible.  If you want to sell your house, the right buyer needs to see it!

Add some splashes of Summer color!

Put bright colors as accents around your home.  Bright pillows on the couch, perhaps a colorful area rug, flowers.  And, remember to open all the curtains and let the light shine in!  If you have a yard space, bring out the lawn furniture!  Make sure that it is sparkly clean then add some fresh pillows, a cheery tablecloth, and flowers.  Help potential buyers envision life in the sun in your yard!

Bring Summer into every room!

Make sure that you have flowers or bowls of fresh fruit in each room.  You want buyers to see that this is a home made for Summer and all that goes with it!

Finally, keep the house cool!  Make sure that the house is nice and cool so that after being out in the yard, the house is a welcome refuge of coolness.  You want them to see comfort in the house.

Do these things, and get ready to move!

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