Chris Clark

Why you need a listing agent part 2

Here comes Spring, and you are finally ready to list your home for sale.  We have determined that you need to use a listing agent for the best results.  We talked about having a professional home inspection, and verifying your title to the property. What else will my listing agent do? before your escrow closes, you will need additional documents filled out and assembled if you are member of a Homeowner’s Association. This is a job that your listing agent should do for you.  He or she will know what information is needed and where to find it.  There are…

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What color will Spring be this year?

Wish your bedroom was some color other than “sunny yellow?  Since Winter seems determined to last forever, why not start on some of those painting projects.  What colors are trending this year?  We can tell you.  Read on. Whites are OUT For some reason, the Behr paint company felt compelled to divide paints into three groups for you to choose from.  These groups are: comfortable, composed, and confident.  What these names have to do with paint colors alludes us, but there you are.  So this year, we will all be painting according to what lifestyle we believe best suits us.…

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Add a little Spring to your home

The holidays are over, here we are at the start of a new year.  However, it’s still Winter, the skies are gray and the temperature is low.  How do we bring some cheer and Spring into our homes without spending a fortune?  Here are three tips. First, how about  Spring color? Remember that just a few  months ago we were surrounded by color.   The  holidays came and we could decorate to our heart’s content.   Red, green, blue, all our favorite holiday colors anywhere we wanted them.  Why not continue your colorful ways now, when it is cold and…

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Winter bathroom projects

You would like to list your home for sale.  However, it will show it’s best with just a few minor improvements .  Outside jobs are NOT on the list for December, so where else can you start?  The bathroom! Painting! Of course, we all love painting, (or not).  Imagine what potential buyers will think  if you’re tired of the  “pepto pink”  in the guest bathroom.  Now is the time to do those  painting projects that you have been putting off  ” for a rainy day”.  Look outside, it’s snowing! While you are looking at the bathroom, Does your grout look dank and…

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Snow, freezing rain, graupel?

All snow isn’t snow That’s right, snow can be snow, sleet, graupel, or freezing rain.  What is the difference?  Glad you asked.  We can tell you. As snow crystals fall through freezing cloud droplets, they form graupel.  The cloud droplets remain liquid.  Who knows why they remain liquid, however, they do.  As the graupel falls through the droplets, the droplets  grab onto the graupel and become a lumpy mess, or graupel.  Sleet and freezing rain are related to each other but different from each other.  And they are not snow or graupel.   Sleet and freezing rain start out frozen,…

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Keep your home snow and ice safe

Tip one: ice dams Ever hear of  an ice dam?  Well, it turns out that ice forms on the roof  under the shingles when warm air from your nice cozy warm home melts snow on your roof.And if it can’t find anywhere to go and it freezes at night, it forms ice dams.  These ice dams expand over time and are liable to push up under your shingles and cause them to leak.  Oh No, you say?  Well, you can prevent ice dams if you insulate the floor in the attic. And, it will help to prevent all that nice…

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Winter, is your home ready?

Winter is upon us, snow, wind, rain, cold. A member of the Insurance Information Institute says that more than 10% of all major losses are due to Winter storms.  Oh no!  Don’t worry, we can help!  Below are a few easy  inexpensive ideas to keep your home from becoming a statistic. Where do I begin? First, clean out those rain gutters!  All year long they collect debris and we don’t think about it.  Then, here comes Winter with rain and snow.f  If the gutters are full, when the snow in the gutter melts, it has nowhere to go.  Instead of…

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Chris Clark Q&A: Its getting cold!

BRRRRRRRRR. The weather has really taken a temperature dip, and its getting cold! What better way then to warm up with some free coffee? Sorry for the delay since our last FAQ, but the real estate market has been keeping me warm! Now to the questions! Submitted by Cj. Robert. Q: Is staging your house when you put it up for sale worth the money? A: As much as I hate to say it, it depends! Lets start with the easy answer! On an upscale, more expensive home, a staging adds great value. In the upper ends of our market…

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Tips from a Realtor

FSBO: Tips from a Realtor!

FSBO: Tips from a Realtor! 90% of American real estate is sold by Realtors. Virtually everyone hires and uses the services of a real estate agent when purchasing or selling their home. While there are many reasons to hire a Realtor, sometimes extenuation circumstances lead home owners to sell their home themselves. Rather then make the case for agent hiring, i wanted to go over a few real estate tips from a realtor for anyone looking to sell their home! Make your home look great! Real estate home selling is all about differentiation. Most homes in similar price ranges are all…

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improving home value

Make more cash! 10 Great ways of improving home value!

There are many different ways of improving home value, yet its difficult to gage net returns and ROI. Upscale fixtures, newly remodeled rooms, and high quality appliances seem flashy, however typically don’t offer a great return on investment! Below are a few great suggestions for keeping improving your homes value with upgrades! Tip Number One: Spend an hour with a Realtor. I think you knew this was coming, and it is absolutely the best way to establish Value. In Pullman, our unique market dictates specific ways to improve home value that a real estate expert will be able to tell you. Depending on…

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