Tips and Tricks

Keep your home snow and ice safe

Tip one: ice dams Ever hear of  an ice dam?  Well, it turns out that ice forms on the roof  under the shingles when warm air from your nice cozy warm home melts snow on your roof.And if it can’t find anywhere to go and it freezes at night, it forms ice dams.  These ice dams expand over time and are liable to push up under your shingles and cause them to leak.  Oh No, you say?  Well, you can prevent ice dams if you insulate the floor in the attic. And, it will help to prevent all that nice…

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real estate investing

Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing: Creating long term cash growth. I Deeply enjoy real estate investing. Their are so many engaging elements to a completed deal! The purchase, rental, growth, and value are all aspects I find fascinating! When I get approached about real estate investing, I have several key pieces of advice that ring true for anyone looking to start investing! Before I launch into my dissertation, I feel the need to be clear: DO YOUR RESEARCH. Real estate investing can be incredibly profitable, and you need to know what your getting in to! Finding a trusted local agent can save you a…

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Chris Clark “Belated” Q&A

Hello again! Sorry the Q&A is a bit late. June has been a huge real estate month and we have some exciting news! We recently joined the Lewiston Clarkston Valley MLS, and have opened a workspace in the valley. Its headed up by our newest Realtors Jeff and Michael McGuire! They are a dynamic father-son team, and are dedicated to helping our clients that needed a convenient way to shop in the valley. You can find out more about them at their website! Now on to the Q&A for this week! Congratulations to our winners Beth Hatter and Ari Kousbaugh! Please…

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Choosing a great listing agent

Choosing a Great Listing Agent

There are Lots of Listing Agents who “Sell” Real Estate for a Living. Choosing a Great Listing Agent is difficult. The open availability of Realtors allows you to choose someone who you connect with and trust very easily. Connecting with your Realtor is a very important step towards selling your home, and having someone you trust makes that decision much easier. There is a very fine line between a Realtor who “sells” a home, and a great Listing Agent. You can’t focus on both buying and selling homes as a Realtor. Once you become a “Seller’s Agent” (the industry term for someone who focuses on…

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selling your home

Selling your Home Secrets!

I work with a lot of different people and often get asked if I know any secrets to selling your home. While PRICING is the most important part of selling your home, there are also several other secrets that will help sell your home! 1. Clean out your closets! I can promise you buyers looking at your home will be snoopy! Don’t use your closets to hide all of your junk! Buyers have junk too, and will be checking your closets out to see where they will store their junk when they move in! Before selling, clean out the closets and spray…

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