Hot summer home selling ideas

If you missed the opportunity to list your home this Spring but still want to sell it, don’t despair.  There is hope.  Use these few tips and make your home into a Summer home fantasy! Mow that lawn! As we all know, grass grows fast in Summer, especially if you are good about watering it.  Therefore, you need to mow it twice a week so that whenever you show it, the grass looks groomed and short.   Make sure that you water trees, shrubs, and flowers well .   Keep all dead blooms picked off.  Even though the temperature is…

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Buying a home in a seller’s market

We are experiencing a ” seller’s market” this Summer.   You  have been waiting for good weather to start looking for your new home.  Or, you have waited all Winter and sold your home and need to find a new one. Whatever situation you find yourself in, now is a great time to make that new home purchase . Know the tips to get the best deal on your new dream home. First, be ready! Have your financial information in order.  Know how much you can spend, and  how much you can borrow.  You should know how much you have…

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Father’s Day is Here! June 16th!

It’s June, and here comes Father’s Day again!  This is a day to  honor our fathers.  The day that we have a barbecue in the yard or at the lake or campground, or maybe we take the old man golfing. How did Father’s Day start? Good question!  There are different answers, and we have  some of them here for you.  These are the most popular three. First, to honor a mine disaster in West Virginia? You read that right.  In June 1908, a woman named Grace Golden Clayton, had the idea of honoring the 361 or 362 men, ( depending…

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June 14th is Flag Day!

This Wednesday June 14th, we celebrate Flag Day.  Here is an explanation of what it is and why we celebrate it. The First Flag Day   A 19 year old school teacher named Bernard Cigrand first proposed Flag Birthday or Flag Day in1885.  In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson established the day as a national holiday by making a proclamation.  It was not until 1949 that President Harry Truman signed legislation that permanently made June 14 a national holiday. Each year on Flag Day, the President signs a proclamation stating that all federal buildings fly the American flag. The first American Flag…

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Rosalia Battle days! This weekend!

At last, we are  headed into Summer!   Following the Winter that lasted FOREVER.  And are we glad!  Say  ” Bye-bye” to cold, “hello” warm weather, sun, camping, fishing, floating the river, and of course, Rosalia Battle Days! What? That’s right,  Rosalia Battle Days!  Actually, the celebration is this weekend!  From 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM.  Ok, so what are we going to see?  A parade, of course!  And, a fun run, a rodeo, and a dance!   Also, there will be food.  What more could we ask for? What was the Battle about? Turns out, Rosalia is the site…

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Too late to plant your garden?

Never!  Our favorite “experts” believe that we have missed the boat with planting vegetables for this Summer’s harvest.  Don’t give up!  Any visit to the local big box store or nursery will show you.  You can find LOTS of plants out there to be planted in your garden. On we go! What do I do? The experts are right about one thing.  It is too late to plant seeds  and expect them to produce fruit  (or vegetables)  by this Summer.   However, vegetable plants  are growing happily in their small pots at most retail outlets.  Look for those!  They are…

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The move is done, now unpack!

You packed all your earthly possessions  into boxes.  They arrived at their destination. You have accomplished the move!  So far, so good!  Now, you face the daunting task of unpacking those boxes you spent so much effort  packing only days ago! So the move is over, I must unpack! Of course, in a perfect move, you  have only those possessions that will comfortably fit into your new abode.  However, few of us plan that well.  You probably painstakingly packed MANY things that you won’t want need or want during your packing frenzy.  Do not be dismayed!  We all have things that…

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You sold the farm! Start packing it!

You followed our advice.   Cleaned, de-cluttered and painted your house .  And you worked while it was cold and miserable outside. And your house sold.  Congratulations!   Now what?  Packing, of course! Most of us have moved at least a few times in our lives, and the basics never change.  Moving boxes, packing tape, packing materials such as bubble wrap and newspaper, a  marker to mark the boxes.    As you gaze about you at all your possessions, do not be dismayed!   This can be conquered! Let’s get packing! First, assess your belongings, and decide which things you can…

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When should you buy your home?

Finally, Spring is here.  You have waited patiently through the Winter to buy your dream home.  When is the best time to buy? Christmas day and Easter? One source declares that these two holidays are the very best days to buy a home.  Their reasoning is that if you submit an offer on either of these days there will be little or no competition.  If you wait until after the holidays, the offers roll in like crazy.  We all know that Spring, and especially April is the best time to sell your home.  But really, when is the best time…

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It’s the Faire! Come one, come all!

It’s that time of year again.  The flowers and trees are blooming, the grass is getting green, and the annual Renaissance Faire is almost here!  The fun starts Saturday May 6th and runs through Sunday May 7th.  East City park, here in Moscow is where all the festivities  commence. Why was that period called the Renaissance? The term renaissance means literally. “rebirth”.  It signaled the end of the Middle Ages, and the beginning of a huge cultural and intellectual shift.   The renaissance had a profound and lasting impact on modern thought as well as culture.   Not only did it…

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